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The Lay Bet – What is it?

Posted by admin | Posted in Craps Online | Posted on 01-01-2014



Craps Lay Bet

Craps is a scary game for many people, particularly if it’s not a game you usually play. But it is relatively easy to learn, and one of the first bets players generally learn is the lay bet. Here is the craps lay bet strategy and what it is.

When you place lay bet craps, you don’t have confusing or complicated bet combos, and making more than one bet will reduce your odds of profiting. The lay bet is opposite of the buy bet and gives you good odds for the section you decide not to win, giving you a high strike. A lay bet is a wager that a 7 will not roll previous to the number you put money on. The dice can be rolled to total 7 in six ways. You can pick a number 4-10 and put a bet on a certain area on the table. Lay bets give true odds like buy bets, but since this is an inverted buy bet, the payout is reversed too, meaning you get various odds for different numbers. It’s easy to see why you should place lay bets, after considering that  a 6 or 8 can be rolled five ways, a 5 or 9 four ways, and a 4 or 10 can be rolled three ways.

The major downside of lay bets is the vigorish (vig), or the house commission, which is 5% of all a player’s winning bets. But despite this, this is a good bet for players who know how to place successful lay bets and who want a favorable outcome.

With good study and courage, players can learn to make profitable lay bets to up their profits at casinos and increase their status as a player. The lay bet is great to add to your arsenal.


Understanding the craps table

Posted by admin | Posted in Craps Online | Posted on 02-12-2013



When you walk in a ccraps-tableasino, you can often find the craps table by the rowdy crowds around it. And if you happen to come in at a calmer time, look for a green, long table with about four casino workers near it. Now, what do you need to know about this table that’s so important to your game play? First, what material makes up the table and how is it designed? Allowing up to 24 players, it is made of felt printed with designs showing the places of bets. A center area is for One Roll bets and Hardways. The ends of the table have places for the Pass Line, Place, Come, Field, and other wagers. Each table end is the same as the other.

The Pass Line covers the outside edge of side betting zones and means the player is betting the dice will pass it. This is a usual wager. On the first throw of the dice, a pass line wager is won if a 7 or 11 come up, but 2, 3, and 12 are losers; any other number than these will be the “point” used for the rest of the game. The Come box is in the upper side sections. A Come bet can’t be done until after a come-line roll, or it will be considered a Pass Line bet. Only after the point is established can a Come bet be wagered. Now, Place bets are the numbers behind the Come Line. These wagers only count after a come-out roll. The come-out roll is the initial throw of dice that decides how the rest of the game will proceed. Finally, the field is the middle of the table and right in front of the come line. A field wager only counts for one throw of the dice.

Understanding the craps table may seem hard at first, but with practice, you will know it perfectly.

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Introduction to Blackjack

Posted by admin | Posted in Other Casino Games | Posted on 08-11-2013



One of the simplest and most popular games in any casino the world over is blackjack. Learning the basics is as easy as doing arithmetic, but mastering your cards takes experience and more than a little luck.

The goal of blackjack is to have a hand that is better than the dealer’s and as close to 21 as possible without going over. Each player places a bet and is then dealt two cards face up. The dealer also receives two cards but only shows one. Based on that card each player must make a decision on their hand. There are two options: hit or stand.

A hit will bring you another card and a stand means you are happy with what you have. A third option is that you can “double down” and this is where you double your bet and get one more card. Keep in mind that when making your decision you should make the appropriate hand gesture as this is to ensure there are no disputes.

Cards primarily use their face value in Blackjack with a few exceptions. Face cards are worth ten and an Ace can be either a one or an eleven depending on which one with benefit the player. If a player is dealt a ten/face card and an ace then they have Blackjack and automatically win their hand. Most winning wagers pay 1:1 but blackjack pays out slightly more at 1.5:1. That is if you make a $10 bet and get blackjack you win $15.

You can also split your cards if you get dealt a pair and play two hands at once. Keep in mind this means you will be placing an additional bet and in many casinos when you split aces you will only receive one card.

Blackjack may differ slightly depending on which venue you choose to play in so don’t be afraid to ask the dealer any questions you may have about the rules of the table. Then it’s up to you and lady luck to either line your pockets or clean them out.

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