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Top Tips for Improving Your Craps Strategy

Posted by admin | Posted in Craps Online | Posted on 02-01-2013

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Craps is a popular casino game that is one of the most complicated games. Since this game is so complicated, it is necessary for players to be familiar with the rules of the game and have some Craps Strategy handy. In craps, players take turns rolling the dice or being the shooter. You can play craps without ever having to roll the dice. Place a bet before the dice roll takes place and then subsequent bets are made depending on the number on the dice when they are rolled. There are several tips and strategies that can help make sound craps decisions and make money playing the game.

www.luxurycasino.comOne of the first things you can do to improve your game Craps Strategy is to place bets that have the highest returns. This involves placing bets on six or eight. Another choice is to place a maximum bet on odds when the point roll is made. These are going to produce the highest payouts for you.

Set your limit before playing to make sure that you do not exceed your budget. People can get into a large debt when they are not cognizant of their financial budgets. It takes discipline and control. Many people can get wrapped up in the excitement of the game, and it is crucial to know when to walk away from the game.

It is beneficial to know how to place a pass line and don’t pass line bet. When you place a bet on the pass line, you are placing a bet that a seven or eleven will be rolled by the shooter. If you bet on the don’t pass line, you are betting that the shooter will roll as 12, three, or two. These bets can be helpful and pay out large for you.

These tips can help you to win at Craps and make large gains in earnings. Make sure that you are aware of the rules and etiquette to get the most out of the game, and your Craps Strategy is set!


Get in the Christmas Craps Spirit in New Microgaming Slots!

Posted by admin | Posted in Other Casino Games | Posted on 06-12-2012

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Tis the season to be jolly Fralalalala, so Deck the Halls with boughs of holly! Usually we’re for Craps, and for Craps only. But with 5 reels and 30 paylines this non progressive video slot designed by Microgaming has what it takes to get you into the Christmas Craps Spirit! Features include a wildcard option, scatters, free spins and multipliers plus Deck the Halls offers a jackpot of $2,000!

Celebrate the Christmas spirit with the ghost of Christmas past, present and future. This festive video slot really gets you going into the generous spirit of Christmas with its 5 reels and bighearted 30 paylines. Deck the Hall is packed with loads of goodies that include your Deck the Halls logo wildcard option used for substituting all other icons, the scatter bell that allows you to trigger free spins and your munificent multipliers all leading to the biggest prize of them all – the $2,000 jackpot!

This video slot has been designed to give you the bright, cheerful Christmassy spirit, where all your favorite treats are used as symbols. So, get ready to see Santa with his rosy cheeks and great big smile, along with his reindeers, stockings, loads of presents, Christmas decorations and a delicious turkey dinner! Not only will you be entertained by the symbols in this video slot, but the Christmas carols that play in the background will really get you into the mood for this cheerful holiday theme.

Deck the Halls has a betting range that is as low as $0.01 up to $15 with a coin betting range of $0.01 -$0.05 which includes that you can only have 10 coins per line giving you a 95% payout percentage.

So, if you’re ready for the holiday spirit make sure you take a look at Deck the Halls in between your Craps games.

The Journey from Craps to Slots

Posted by admin | Posted in Craps Online, Online Casinos | Posted on 02-11-2012

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Craps is a once-famous casino game that is quickly losing its image, mainly due to the introduction of new and much exciting games, such as slots. Casino lovers are moving from craps to slots because craps is now considered an orthodox and boring game by many.

People can take a sigh of relief because they have a much exciting and thrilling game in slots. Unlike craps, which depends on the rolling of a dice, slots is much fancier and allows scope for new ideas and innovation.

In craps, a player may wager against an opponent or the casino. However, due to the confusions, it is often difficult to understand the rules of the game. This game quickly got wiped out and has been overtaken by slots.

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that hardcore craps players have turned to slots, which carries the same theme of luck and giving players the chance to earn more money; however, in a more exciting and entertaining fashion.

Slots have been in existence for over a decade. As per certain reports, the first slot machine was invented in the late 1880s and had a lever to pull. However, it wasn’t until a few decades back that this game flooded the casino markets in full sense of the word and took everything by storm.

Today, slots is among the most widely played casino games. People are making thousands of dollars by playing this game, which is available in almost every online casino. So now you have the choice:

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online casino