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The Perks Of Playing Online Craps

Posted by admin | Posted in Craps Online | Posted on 05-09-2014



Playing online craps can be just as fun and exciting as playing craps in-house. For example, those just starting out learning the ins and outs of effective craps may find it in their best interest to avoid an in-person table. Not only should a packed casino be intimidating for the average Joe, but it is certainly not the most convenient spot to lay your claim. Online craps can give a beginner more control and a centralized sense of their surroundings. Most noticeably missing in comparison to the Vegas showroom are the constant distractions of people around you- whether it’s the obnoxious dealer, the drunk “mastermind”, the uptight businessmen, you name it.

The benefits of playing online is not just a perk for beginners, however. While there’s a certain thrill associated with all things casino, like mingling with the sometimes-amusing foot traffic around you, the extravagant lighting, and the overall thrill of the moment (whether it’s you or another’s contagious energy), those things, believe it or not, can in fact be replicated with online craps games.

Perhaps the most appealing benefit is the versatility of being able to play whenever and wherever. This ultimately makes playing online craps more convenient and more exciting. Just think about it- whether you’re in the middle of History class, bored on a business trip, or waiting to have a root canal done, the ability to just connect and play is available 24-7. Equally enticing, or perhaps more so, are the bonus rewards that can be earned and the bonus money that can be made. The word bonus isn’t exactly a common word at your average casino, but is frequent verbiage online.

There are certainly advantages to being in a casino, but one can’t dismiss all the awesome opportunities online for gambling enthusiasts and craps extraordinaires. It’s just as fun and the rewards just as amazing.

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How the dice work in craps

Posted by admin | Posted in Craps Online | Posted on 06-08-2014



If you want to be able to play craps, it is important that you understand how the dice work in craps. You have two dice when playing craps, the roll of these dice determine the outcome. You will have a number of different options, but can only use two. Even though it takes some getting used to, always roll with one hand. This is some of the most important information for you to know.

What are the odds?

When you first grab hold of the dice, you will notice that they are all marked with a series of dots. Each side represents the numbers one through six. Considering you use two dice, there are eleven different outcomes (2 through 12). The total number of combinations when playing craps is 36.

What is the number that will usually give you the best odds? That number is seven. Because out of the 36 possible outcomes, six of them end up in seven. The most popular numbers to bet on are six and eight. Both of these have five different ways that you can attain them.

Things to be aware of

You know that craps offers a lively casino game; oftentimes the players are yelling and screaming and you get a chance to roll your own dice, thus determining whether you win or lose yourself. However, there are a few different things to be aware of:

  • Keep your hands to yourself – If the shooter is tossing the dice, make sure that you do not dangle your hands over the railing. This is considered poor etiquette and bad luck. Especially new players will sometimes forget to remove their hands fast enough.
  • Off the table – There might be times that you happen to toss one (or both) dice off the table. It is important to call out “same dice” right away. This is especially true for experienced gamblers who want to keep the same dice on a ‘hot streak’.
  • Far enough – Shake the dice as long as you want before you toss them, but you want to make sure that both dice bounce off the back wall on the other side of the table. If you do not, chances are that the dealer will call an ‘illegal roll’. The reason that the casino requires you to hit the back wall is so that there is no way to ‘fix’ the dice. You are allowed to keep your own pace and rhythm when throwing the dice, just do not toss them overboard.

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Should I use the Hard Way Bet?

Posted by admin | Posted in Craps Online | Posted on 04-07-2014



A hard way bet in craps is when a player bets that the number 4, 6, 8 or 10 will appear on the dice, but only if the same two numbers are rolled on each. So for 4, it would be two 2s, for 6, two 3s, for 8 two 4s and ten two 5s.

If a player bets on Hard 6 for example and the roller rolls a 5 and a 1, or a 4 and a 2, or hits a total of seven on the dice, then the player loses the bet. He can only win this bet if both dice show 3.

The odds that the dealer pays out at for Hard 4 or Hard 10 are 7/1, with the payout odds for hitting Hard 6 or Hard 8 9/1.

The reason for the difference in odds is that there are more ways to lose a Hard 6 or Hard 8 bet than there are a Hard 4 or a Hard 10 bet.

When you watch a game of craps it is tempting to think that these odds offer good value for money as you’ll often notice that the dice will come up with a pair of the same number seemingly frequently. Also the fact that hard way bets stand, until the player rolls that number, or a seven, seems to make them good value.

However, the fact these bets offer longer odds than most craps bets should tell you something, chiefly that they don’t offer long term good betting odds for the player and that the house edge for these bets is generally the highest of all craps bets.

What this means is that the house has more chance of winning, than you do compared to almost all other craps bets.

A hard way bet is fine to use once in a while, but should not form a regular part of a profitable craps strategy.

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